Whats Going on with CBD Water? Here is our take.

What’s Going on with CBD Water

Medicinal marijuana and recreational laws are slowly changing perspectives about how society approaches cannabis. It seems that more information about its potential benefits is discovered each day.

As we learn more about the full scope of what the cannabis plant provides, new products containing its compounds are coming to the market. One of the most popular products in recent years is CBD water.

What Is CBD Water?

CBD water is a high-quality water product infused with cannabidiol. The compound uses nanization to distribute its particles throughout the water for consistency. You receive a homogenized mixture which improves the bioavailability of the product.

Bioavailability refers to the effectiveness of penetration that CBD has within the body. Unlike the losses experienced with edibles containing this compound, CBD water provides a solution which penetrates tissues to cross the blood-brain barrier with greater effectiveness.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Water?

The benefits of CBD water are currently being examined through several ongoing research studies. A recent drug release which contains cannabidiol helps with seizures in children diagnosed with specific disorders.

There are several potential benefits to consider.

  • CBD does not provide the same psychoactive high as THC does.
  • It may help with anxiety and stress disorders.
  • Treatments for MS, drug addiction, and cancer are undergoing examination.
  • Pain and inflammation benefits are reported frequently.

You will find testimonials everywhere which discuss the benefits that CBD water offers each day.

Keep in mind the FDA disclosures about cannabidiol before pursuing this product to ensure you’re making the best possible decision about your health.

Are There Differences in CBD Water Products?

CBD water products fall into two general categories: water combined with hemp-based CBD or water mixed with cannabis-based CBD.

The former offers a low THC content (often .03% or less), while the other may provide THC levels at 4% or above.

Every company uses their own homogenization process to infuse CBD water particles with their product. Some agencies may outsource this part of the product development cycle.

Terpenes are another consideration to review. These are aromatic molecules which we experience every time an encounter with vegetation occurs. They are responsible for the flavor and odor profile.

Where Can I Purchase CBD Water?

You can purchase CBD online through reputable distributors, vendors, and suppliers.

Hemp-based CBD water receives a promotion as being 100%federally legal. You must look at your local laws to determine if this coverage applies to you. The United States offers local, county, state/commonwealth, and national laws which all may govern your consumption of CBD water.

Retail stores often carry CBD water in regions where recreational marijuana is legal. Medical marijuana clinics usually provide it too.

You can purchase your preferred CBD water through the website of your provider of choice as well.

CBD water could change everything. Now is the time to experience it for yourself.

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