Power of CBD: Ending Desperate Journeys

Power of CBD

As advocates push toward the legalization of cannabidiol, or CBD, there are some in the scientific community who are pushing back.

“I don’t think there are true scientific studies that are really rigorous scientific studies that would demonstrate a clear benefit or not in other disease states,” Professor Timothy Welty, Chair of the clinical sciences department at Drake University told the Indy Star in December 2017.

Jackson Leyden offers a different perspective. Beginning in 2011, just before he celebrated his eighth birthday, he suffered his first seizure. In the next two years, he would be hospitalized over 50 times.

Leyden went from a kid who practiced taekwondo with his friends to being the child taking dozens of medications while visiting 20+doctors across the country. Nothing worked.

Then something changed in 2014. Leyden received his first dose of Cannabis.

“Within a few days, he was having hardly any seizures,” his mother Linda told The Washington Post. “I was shocked.”

Leyden stopped taking other medications within the next few months. He was taking a strain containing high levels of CBD.

Why Are People Taking CBD Today?

Tiffany Jones works with her family through a chain of stores called Hoosier Vapor in Indiana. She says that a lot of people come in looking to relieve pain in some way.

“A lot of people don’t want to take opioids,” she said, “so they’re trying to find something that’s going to get rid of the pain.”

Jones takes CBD to help with back pain and migraines.

The Denver Post reports that hundreds of families moved to Colorado after the state legalized recreational marijuana. Their goal wasn’t to find a new way to get high.

These families moved to Colorado because conventional medicine failed their children. At least three people died during preparations of a household move to the state. Another child died when CBD didn’t help her condition enough in time.

“I can’t be the parent who didn’t try,” Janea Cox said. She brought her daughter from Georgia for the treatment of seizures, leaving behind her husband. “Colorado represents hope at this point. This is the state of hope.”

What makes CBD such an effective tool in the fight again stillness and disease, whether it’s through an FDA-approved drug or the stories of people who are fighting for the people they love, is that it offers a lack of psycho activity.

The DEA already rescheduled a high-dose CBD medication called Epidiolex from Schedule I to Schedule V because of how safe it was during testing.

There’s no excuse to keep other CBD products outside of Schedule V either.

CBD and Its Cost

The cost of CBD treatments varies based on where you live.Some dosages are about $100 per month, while others can be over $1,000. Most insurance plans, HSAs, and FSAs do not cover the cost or have the expense listed as a qualifying withdrawal.

There is more about CBD that we don’t know right now than what we do know. The applications for this compound remain largely unexplored.You will find several providers do not standardize or test their cannabidiol before offering it for sale.

When used correctly, for the right person, CBD could be a powerful addition to their treatment plan.

For Lisa Leyden, that doesn’t stop the potential of this compound.

“I realize this isn’t perfect,” she said. “We absolutely need to know more. But in the meantime, many people need help. They’re in bad shape, and this seems to work.”

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