Mineral Absorption and You: Water and Its Vital Role

What Happens to the Minerals in the Water I Drink

What Happens to the Minerals in the Water I Drink?

Minerals dissolved in the water you drink each day offer higher bioavailability levels than when consumed as food or supplements. Each person has an individualized absorption process. Several factors may impact the bioavailability of minerals too. • Acidic pH levels may reduce the number of minerals the body absorbs. • The health of the mucosal lining impacts the quantity used by the body. • Small intestine health issues may encourage or prevent absorption at higher levels. The bioavailability of minerals in water is up to 60% higher for some individuals when these factors are considered together. That’s why choosing alkaline water products is to your benefit.

How Do Minerals Arrive in the Digestive Tract?

Most minerals arrive for absorption in a colloidal solution. They appear as charged ions which the body recognizes as useful for good health. Most minerals require small amounts only to offer daily benefits. Consuming too many of them can create toxicity issues. That’s why most of the vitamins and minerals you take pass through your digestive tract without being touched. This process allows homeostasis to occur.

Medicine Follows the Same Process

Have you ever taken a liquid medication and felt relief faster than if you took tablets, pills, or capsules? That happens because the medicine offers a higher bioavailability rate in the liquid form. Your digestive tract can pass along what the body needs for absorption immediately. Then the remainder gets expelled with the rest of the leftovers. If you suspect a mineral deficiency is impacting your health, then speak with your doctor about your concerns. Simple blood tests can detect this health issue. Then think about drinking an alkaline or spring water product rich in the minerals you require to improve your health over time.

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