How You Can Become a CBD Selling Superstar in 180 Days or Less

How You Can Become a CBD Selling Superstar in 180 Days or Less

How You Can Become a CBD Selling Superstar in 180 Days or Less


The market for cannabidiol right now is exploding around the world. Testimonials, reviews, and changes to its legal status are all creating substantial expansion opportunities right now. The market value could be as high as $2.5 billion by 2022 – and that is on the lower end of the revenue estimates.

How You Can Become a CBD Selling Superstar in 180 Days or Less

Approximately $1.3 billion in sales from that forecast are expected to come from hemp-based CBD sources.


You might be interested in CBD because you’ve used it personally and experienced the benefits it provides. There might be someone you know who loves using cannabidiol because it supports their health goals. Even if your interest involves the potential for profit, you can become a selling superstar in six months or less with this product because of the benefits and opportunities that are available right now.


What Are the Benefits of Selling CBD?


The primary reason why CBD is such a hot product right now is because you can start to sell it online through your own website. That process can start today if you wish. Creating an e-commerce platform reduces your operational costs, saves money on the setup steps, and allows you to keep your storefront open 24/7 all year long.


If you affiliate with a known CBD brand that gives you immediate access to inventory, then there are no delays in the sales process.  A small fee gives you access to a broad audience that is just as passionate about CBD as you are.

Distributing cannabidiol online allows you to ship items directly to the homes of your consumers.  Using the United States as an example, about one-third of your potential customers do not have a CBD store located anywhere near their home. Your website gives them access to a product they love at a price they appreciate.


That’s why selling CBD is so easy!


You can experience similar benefits by selling it through a retail storefront as well. It makes for a fantastic addition to any natural wellness section. When you can provide them with the information and attention they require to close on the sale, then you have the potential to make an immediate profit.

Can I Legally Sell CBD Products in the United States?


With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the sale of CBD products became federally legal in the United States. Some counties and states do have moratoriums or legislation in place that could block cannabidiol, so check with your governing authorities first before setting up shop with this great product.

Some people are concerned that taking CBD products will cause them to test positive on a drug test for marijuana. If the items are sourced properly, then this should not be a worry since the item would contain 0.3% THC or less. You might consider carrying some items that are 100% THC-free to prevent this issue from blocking a sale.


It is essential to remember that cannabidiol will not get someone high. It can even counteract the feelings that THC brings when too much of it is consumed. The side effects are minor as well, ranging from stomach discomfort to feelings of fatigue in most people, which is why it is such an exciting product.


How to Find a Reputable Supplier


If you want your new CBD business to make a positive, immediate impact on your revenues, then you must find a reputable wholesaler, distributor, or supplier that will provide you access to the highest-quality cannabidiol possible.


This process begins with CBD sourcing. The geographic location of where the hemp is grown will typically provide a foundation for quality – or a lack thereof. Only purchase cannabidiol items from growers in Europe or the United States.


Then pay attention to the extraction method. Stay away from products that use chemical processes to create CBD items. The best practice right now is to use carbon dioxide because of its safety and cleanliness.


Make sure that you receive a certificate of analysis with CBD products. This report will confirm the levels of THC, CBD, and the other compounds in the product. You must have this data in some jurisdictions to legally sell cannabidiol items.


As a final consideration, think about the various claims that CBD retailers, distributors, and growers sometimes make. Cannabidiol is not a cure-all product that will save the world. Health claims are not currently supported by medical science. That’s why an FDA disclaimer should be highly visible on your storefront, whether you choose online sales, a retail setting, or both.


CBD is a product which sells itself. When you make cannabidiol available to your market, you’ll discover that it will help you to become a selling superstar in no time at all. Don’t forget to obtain your business license before you make your first sale! 


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