Water-Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Soluble CBD: Crucial Differences to Know

Water-Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Soluble CBD

What’s the Deal with Water-Soluble CBD?


Cannabidiol, or CBD as most people refer to it, is a plant compound that comes from the cannabis plant.


Most providers offer their compound from a derivation from hemp. It provides numerous potential wellness benefits without the threat of getting you high as a marijuana product would.


There are numerous CBD products on the market today that are oil-soluble, including creams and tinctures, that can offer some fantastic results. You can even vape some of these items.


Another product is coming to the market for CBD that is water-soluble. Even though cannabidiol is an oil-based derivative that comes from the extraction process, it struggles to adapt to the physical conditions of the body.


Infusing CBD in water makes it easier for the body to absorb the beneficial content because of its improved bioavailability.


Why Does Bioavailability Matter with CBD?


When you take medication, the dosage that your body eventually receives is not the same amount with which you start. Because of the first-pass effect, the concentration of a compound is reduced before it reaches your system through absorption.


Numerous plant-based compounds struggle with this issue, including curcumin, lidocaine, and morphine.


Even the tablets and pills you take will not offer the full amount that you consume. The body processes what it can, and then it lets the remainder of it be expelled as waste.


Oil-soluble CBD bypasses many of these issues by offering a way around the digestive process. You can rub lotion or cream into your skin to receive the wellness benefits. Tinctures can go under your tongue for absorption. If you vape, then the compound goes into your lungs instead.


If these products are not right for your needs, then in the past, you were stuck.


You could either make do with what you had, or you could choose to go without. That decision changed when water-soluble CBD made it to the market.


Why Is Water-Soluble CBD Better?


Placing CBD into a water-soluble format makes it easier for the body to absorb the wellness components of the compound. It occurs through a process of emulsification that allows it to be used by the body when taken orally.


The emulsification process converts cannabidiol oil into a powder that mixes better with the water. It is still technically an oil, but it presents to the body in nano-sized pieces that become encapsulated with other materials.


This process ensures that the CBD remains stable as you consume it orally, giving you a better absorption rate than most other cannabidiol products that are available on the market today. It even bypasses the first-pass effect to stop the issues with bioavailability that would be present otherwise.


When Can You Use Water-Soluble CBD?


When you have access to water-soluble CBD, then it can be useful in almost anything that you make for yourself to eat or drink.


If you have CBD water at home, then you can include it with your next smoothie.


You could boil your pasta in CBD water if you wanted to do so – although that might be a little pricey!


You could take the water-soluble powder that contains cannabidiol, and then include it with almost any food item.


Each of these situations will still bypass the first-pass effect which would normally reduce the bioavailability of the wellness compounds you receive with cannabidiol.


It is even possible to take this powder as a capsule.


Water-soluble CBD is priced competitively with oil-soluble cannabidiol as well. You’ll receive the full potential of what you take instead of 20% or less. That is why it is such an exciting and innovative way to support your wellness today.


A Final Thought on Water-Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Soluble CBD


There are numerous ways to supplement your wellness routines. Cannabidiol is a powerful plant-derived compound that makes it much easier to reach your goals because the bioavailability rates are much higher.


Attitudes are changing about cannabis, which helps cannabidiol show off its many benefits without the veils of judgment being thrown at it as in generations before. It works with our complex endocannabinoid system to regulate body functions, support a healthy immune system, and provide help for the central nervous system.


You can activate the potential benefits of water-soluble CBD immediately. Some people can begin to feel the difference in their first couple of doses.


Although oil-soluble cannabidiol will eventually offer the same benefits, it takes much more of the compound to be effective due to the first-pass effect.


Choose CBD water or a water-soluble product today to begin experience these benefits.

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