Private Label Water

Spring Life CBD Water is a premier provider of private-label bottled water for distribution. Our products are suitable for high-volume retail settings, regional organization, and local convenience stores.

Whether you wish to start providing bottled water to your customer base or wish to spread a specific marketing message with a private label on a bottle of water, you will find that your goals can be quickly and easily accomplished.

Our services supply a wide range of industries with the private-label bottled water that is required during the course of business. Some of our customers include casinos, grocery stores, wholesale clubs, pharmacy store chains, and elements of the hospitality industry.

Please note: minimum orders and a minimum lead time apply to every order.

Choose from 4 Convenient Sizes for Your Private Label

You can put your private label on the size of bottle you prefer for your new bottled water product. At this moment, we currently offer 4 standard sizes for consideration.

  • 10-ounce bottles.
  • 9-ounce bottles (Our most popular product).
  • 20-ounce bottles.
  • 1-liter bottles.

This will give you a unique way to share a brand message. Place your logo directly on the label, or choose a message of your choice, and then you will have a stunning, useful product which makes a positive impact on each consumer.

Our bottled water is suitable for non-profit organizations, fundraising opportunities, team sports, and miscellaneous organized activities. Each bottle of water is guaranteed in its quality. You will be able to make the positive first impression with a private-label bottle of water.

The quality of this product is suitable for resale situations. It can also be handed out as part of a giveaway or swag package. You will find our product distributed in parades, gift bags, while it has a stable storage life making it suitable for store shelves.

For more information about this opportunity, contact our team today to discover how private-label bottled water can make an impact for your organization.

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