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CBD water is not a revolution: It is smart science

CBD water is not a revolution It is smart science

CBD water is not a revolution. It isn’t a miracle product. It is smart science.   When you consume the CBD compounds with this product, then you are enjoying a beverage that takes the nanoparticles to a delivery system that spreads the benefits of cannabidiol to the rest of your body.   If you consume […]

Water-Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Soluble CBD: Crucial Differences to Know

Water-Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Soluble CBD

What’s the Deal with Water-Soluble CBD?   Cannabidiol, or CBD as most people refer to it, is a plant compound that comes from the cannabis plant.   Most providers offer their compound from a derivation from hemp. It provides numerous potential wellness benefits without the threat of getting you high as a marijuana product would. […]

Mineral Absorption and You: Water and Its Vital Role

What Happens to the Minerals in the Water I Drink

What Happens to the Minerals in the Water I Drink? Minerals dissolved in the water you drink each day offer higher bioavailability levels than when consumed as food or supplements. Each person has an individualized absorption process. Several factors may impact the bioavailability of minerals too. • Acidic pH levels may reduce the number of […]

Whats Going on with CBD Water? Here is our take.

What’s Going on with CBD Water

CBD water and its surge in popularity are attributable to its unique properties and potential. Discover more about this product & if it could be right for you today.

Facts About CBD Bioavailability You Must Know

Facts About CBD Bioavailability You Must Know

How effective is CBD? What are the most significant factors of its bioavailability? A sharp rise in cannabidiol products has given rise to questions and concerns about how great items with CBD work. Although water is one of the primary products sold, you can find oils, lotions, capsules, and more offering different concentration levels. Here […]

28 Essential CBD Oil Health Benefits (Plus Effects and Dosage Info)

28 Essential CBD Oil Health Benefits

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a safe and powerful way to treat several bothersome symptoms. It works because it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, making it possible to relieve anxiety, decrease stress, and improve mental clarity. It may also help fight specific health conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia. Some people use […]

Affordable CBD Water for You

Affordable CBD Water for You

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is a compound found in cannabis which offers the potential health effects of the plant without incorporating the psychoactivity of THC. When you buy CBD water, you’re purchasing a beverage infused with this compound. How Does CBD Water Work? The compounds of CBD are broken into nanoparticles when […]

8 Health Benefits of CBD Water

8 Health Benefits of CBD Water

A wave of love for cannabis products is sweeping around the world. Draconian drug laws are being repealed left and right, with some countries even fully legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. Where you stand on recreational marijuana is up to you. What we offer is CBD water. This water doesn’t provide you with the […]