CBD Water Wholesale Program

Our wholesale CBD program offers an opportunity for retail businesses, solopreneurs, and other independent contractors a chance to capitalize on the growing cannabidiol wellness movement around the world.

This opportunity is perfect for anyone who has or wants to start a CBD store in their community. You can quickly build up your inventory without a significant product investment to create an immediate storefront that will make a lasting and positive first impression.


If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, then you must either hold a retail license in your region, be authorized to sell CBD products through an online storefront, or be in the process of obtaining the necessary certifications.


It is up to you to determine the legality of being in this business. Some communities do have moratoriums in place that prevent the sale of our products. If you live in such a geographic location and order our products, you are still responsible for the product cost and any legal ramifications that come from your business activities.


Why Choose to Join Our Wholesale Program?


Like most wholesale programs that you will find for a variety of products, the goal of our team is to give your business access to a high-quality, growing brand that offers CBD items that your customers will love.

There are several benefits to consider when you decide to purchase items for retail through this system.


  • We provide same-day shipping on all orders that are received during regular business hours.
  • Our program is free to join, providing you with pricing options that are up to 60% off the retail price.
  • There is never a minimum number of units that you must order to be part of this program.
  • We offer free replacements on customers returns (according to the terms and conditions of our program).
  • Our minimum order amount of $400 is competitive with the CBD industry expectations today for wholesale services.
  • There are laboratory reports available for each batch, and every product comes with its own display for store sales.
  • Our ordering process is streamlined and simple for you to complete.

Our team includes additional marketing brochures and other miscellaneous literature at times to help you inform future customers about the benefits of CBD as well.

How to Join the Wholesale CBD Water Program

 We offer a simple 3-step process to join our team if you want to take advantage of the wholesale benefits of CBD products.

  1. Apply to become a wholesale partner with our team.
  2. Upon approval, you will receive a special program code that is unique to yourself or your business.
  3. Select the products that you want, and then enter your program code during the checkout process to receive your wholesale discount.


If your community is experiencing a significant interest in cannabidiol products, then we would love to partner with you to ensure there is a local storefront that can supply them with what they need for future wellness.


Why Choose to Work with Our Brand?


The quality of the CBD that you sell is dependent on the growing process that is used for the hemp that is used to derive the products in the first place. Our team works closely with a group of carefully selected growers to ensure you receive a farm-to-store process that provides hemp that is rich in phytocannabinoids.


Once the plants are harvested, our team goes to work ensuring that the whole plant is used to create the CBD products that you will represent through this wholesale process. The products are THC-free according to the legal definitions, allowing more access to income opportunities than storefronts that take advantage of local recreational marijuana laws to sell cannabidiol items.


Because CBD regulations are still in the early stages of development, the levels of oversight for the quality of the product must occur at the local level. That is why our team strives to be transparent in every facet of the business. Your customers will rely on you, which means you’re presenting information from us to set their minds at ease. Their trust is something that we would never betray.


Regular tests occur to ensure that the batches we receive are of the highest quality. Products that do not meet our high standards never make it into the supply chain. We feature only organic, non-GMO wellness products that are naturally gluten-free. From cultivation to capsulation, we take pleasure in providing one of the best product lines that you can find in our industry today.


By joining our wholesale team, you will get to take advantage of those benefits as well.


Product Options Available for Wholesale


Our team believes in providing a quality product instead of offering high quantities of low-priced goods. That is why our selection may be somewhat limited compared to similar CBD wholesale opportunities that you can find today.


We may also have a limited supply of some items due to quality issues that arise through our testing products. Our team will never knowingly release an inferior product for resale.


Here is a list of what may be potentially available right now through our wholesale program.


  • Tinctures are fast-acting products that are easy to administer. These products are THC-free, offer no side effects, and will not get someone high. Various strengths are available from 250mg to 1,500mg.
  • Softgels are an excellent option for customers who already take other supplements for their health and wellness. This product is easy to swallow, offers an increase in bioavailability, and come in a variety of strengths. Options may include melatonin or curcumin as well.
  • Salves offer fast relief for uncomfortable dermatological conditions that impact the health of a customer. It provides a soothing experience that can help to pinpoint problematic areas for a competitive price.
  • Pet Products make it possible for the benefits of CBD to be given to your dog or cat in a variety of ways. Treats and tinctures can ensure that their health is supported through formulations that are reviewed by certified veterinarians.
  • Hemp Water
  • nano CBD Water
  • Keto CBD Water


Make sure to take advantage of our wholesale program’s bulk pricing opportunities if you wish to create your own line of CBD items to sell.

Offering high-quality products at competitive prices, you will no longer need to worry about overseeing every step of the creation process. Instead of spending time negotiating prices, shopping around, and meeting minimum unit requirements, you can take advantage of our low order rates instead. Now is the time to get into the CBD business – are you ready?


Become a Wholesaler