8 Health Benefits of CBD Water

8 Health Benefits of CBD Water

A wave of love for cannabis products is sweeping around the world. Draconian drug laws are being repealed left and right, with some countries even fully legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. Where you stand on recreational marijuana is up to you. What we offer is CBD water. This water doesn’t provide you with the […]

Why You Need Private Label Spring Water or CBD Water Today

Why You Need Private Label Spring Water or CBD Water

Swag. It’s one of the easiest ways to promote the existence of your business or spread awareness about your company message. The problem with swag is that it is usually cheap and useless. Those custom pens break. Little magnets are useless and might even cause damage to someone’s smartphone. Bags, t-shirts, Frisbees, and all that […]

Natural pH vs Chemically-Enhanced pH: Do You Know the Difference?

Natural pH vs Chemically-Enhanced pH

Did you know that pH is actually a measure of hydrogen ion concentrations in the solution being measured? There’s a good chance that you know a neutral pH is 7. What you may not have realized is that a higher pH level indicates higher concentrations of H+ ions in the solution being measured. If your […]