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Living the Pet Life

The same potential health benefits which are available to humans with HEMP water apply to your pets as well. If you have a pet that never seems to calm down or struggles to move because of achy joints, then living the Pet Life could be the right decision to make.

We know that you want to do whatever you can for the pets that you love. Although our animals cannot talk to us to say that the HEMP water is working, we can observe changes in their behavior to see if it helps. You will also find that the lack of THC is critical to the composition of this product because it can be toxic to pets. Even the AKC Canine Health Foundation is looking at the use of HEMP products to treat epilepsy in dogs. Most veterinarians are not taking a stand one way or the other when looking at the potential benefits of cannabidiol for pets because there is still more research to do. Until the data becomes available, a conversation with your vet will likely have them telling you that there is no scientific evidence for or against using HEMP water with your pet. Dosing can also be somewhat complicated with pets since you can have tiny cats and dogs larger than a human living with you. A good rule of thumb to follow is to provide the equivalent of 1mg of HEMP-infused product for every ten pounds of body weight. Start small, and then keep adding a little more each week as they get used to this new product. Then remember to review the lab reports to ensure the quality of our Pet Life products. Feel free to contact our customer care team with any questions you might have about the composition of our HEMP water so that you can make an empowered, responsible choice for your favorite furry friend.